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4 December 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Looking for something to give thanks for

27 November 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Milk and cookies and Star Trek baddies

20 November 2023
Frank Buhagiar

13 November 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Assume the brace position

6 November 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Unforgiving markets

30 October 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Friday 13th and listed foodtech

16 October 2023
Frank Buhagiar

In search of a new start

9 October 2023
Frank Buhagiar

2 October 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Time for a roll call

25 September 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Scratching beneath the surface

18 September 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Latest Interviews


15 February 2024

Processing cultivated steak for humans is “superhard” so we are focusing on cultivated pet food

Boss of biopesticides firm Eden Research calls for more regulatory leniency towards sustainable products

18 January 2024

In the latest FFF podcast, we speak to returning guest Sean Smith, the CEO of AIM-listed Eden Research. Smith has a lot of news: an update on its new bird seed treatment; details about a recent fundraise; and talks more broadly about the current biopesticides market.

Vertical Farming: growing up

2 November 2022
Frank Buhagiar

Best of the web-December

11 January 2022
David Stevenson

Best of the web- September

7 October 2021
David Stevenson

Best of the web-August

9 September 2021
David Stevenson

Best of the web-July

5 August 2021
David Stevenson