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Like humans and animals, plants have developed defences against disease, pests and various other threats. Essential oils are one component of these defence systems and these oils contain active molecules that help fight against disease, oxidative stress and insect predators. Eden has developed a technology which encapsulates these active molecules in microplastic-free particles that slow their release over a period of days ensuring better levels of control and improving the efficacy of products for the plant protection, consumer products and animal health markets. Eden Research plc is an AIM-listed public company with intellectual property and expertise in microencapsulation and sustainable chemistry. Based near Oxford in the UK, we are developing natural solutions to agricultural, animal, human health and industrial problems, with our primary focus being the use of sustainable chemistry to create an exciting array of low-risk but effective agricultural chemicals. Eden's products take advantage of the biocidal efficacy of naturally occurring chemicals produced by plant defence mechanisms and, in particular, the antimicrobial properties of terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring, low-toxicity botanical substances produced by most plants as part of their defence mechanisms. The initial Eden approach has involved the use of GRAS substances, that is, compounds 'Generally Recognised As Safe'​ for human consumption or application to food crops.

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