Emil A and Henrik had been friends for a long time, and gone round with a dream that they simply could not let go. They needed to take action, but were still not sure how. They came from very different backgrounds, but still hoped and dreamed they could start a business together. Emil A was driven by a wish to make a difference to the planet and people living on it, and Henrik was interested in personal health. The combination of these two different motives led to the ambition to make pure, organic plant-based products from vegetables and pulses.


The big difference from everything else in plant-based cold counters would be that they made proper food from real vegetables. No chemistry, no additives, and no rehydrated protein isolates. There was just one basic problem (but a serious one, if you ask us): neither of them could cook. Once they had faced up to that obstacle, they contacted Emil W, who concocted a selection of green dishes for them in an evening, and then it was love at first bite. That same evening, they bought the domain name (PlantButchers), and the dream began to materialise. The company was born under the name PlanteSlagterne.


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